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Hello fellow members!

We are back for another ZOOM PLAYWRIGHTS!

Our ZOOM Playwrights' session for members only, hosted by Gayther Myers, will be held on as scheduled on the EVENTS Page . The first 30 minutes will be spent acclimating everyone to the Zoom format and the work will begin promptly at 7PM.

The zoom invitation for signing in will not require a password this time, so hopefully it will be easier and faster for everyone to get connected.  Any questions regarding this Zoom Playwrights for Polaris should be directed to Gayther at: myersgayther@yahoo.com or call him at: 917 345 8036
Here are the guidelines:

1. Playwrights should contact Gayther and let him know they would like to attend and how many pages they'd like to have read. Limit: 15 pages. Deadline for participation: Noon on the day of the session.

1a. Actors should contact Gayther asap and let him know you'd like to be considered as a reader for the evening.  This way if playwrights ask Gayther, he'll be able to let them know which actors are available. Deadline to attend the session is noon on the day of the event.

2. Playwrights must cast their own pieces with Polaris actors in advance of the session. Prior to the session, playwrights are responsible for contacting their actors and assuring their actors have the material to be read. Please see attached the most current contact sheet for actor's info or check with Gayther to see which actors may have volunteered for the session.

3.Once the material is shared by playwrights, the actors must be prepared in advance of the session with material accessible in a form they can utilize for the reading. 

4. Gayther will order the submissions prior to the start of the session. We will follow the customary procedure: readings, comments, questions, possibly discussion, if the writer consents. The host will unmute participants for comments. The participants will also have the  option of submitting written comments by email to the playwrights.

Jump in and experience our Polaris Zoom Playwrights session! It is an additional way to give more members an opportunity to receive feedback and continue our work within the Polaris community.

The ZOOM invitation link will be sent to all current Polaris members in advance of our session. ALL members are welcome to attend. 
Please use the most current Polaris member contact list for your casting needs.

Reach out to reserve your spot to Gayther Myers at: myersgayther@yahoo.com
or call him at 917 345 8036